SARC  (Substance Abuse Resource Center)


  • psychoeducation for students dealing with substance dependency or violations
  • support for students in recovery
  • assistance to alcohol-free students and students who are looking to cut back
  • a walk-in resource room with books, brochures and realistic alcohol and other drug information
  • scheduling presentations for residence halls, classrooms or student organizations
  • host responsibility training
  • tailored drug and alcohol education
  • co-sponsorship opportunities, with organizations or with special events planned by this office

UNT SARC will keep all conversations confidential, except in cases defined by law where further assistance is required: suicidal, homicidal or psychotic. SARC keeps a list of solid resources that can help students with many issues.


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If you or someone you know is having a problem with drugs or alcohol, please contact us and we will help you...
By: SARC (Substance Abuse Resource Center)
Drug and Alcohol Education Taskforce educates regarding use of drugs and alcohol.
By: SARC (Substance Abuse Resource Center)
The UNT Substance Abuse Resource Center would be happy to help your organization or department with their...
By: SARC (Substance Abuse Resource Center)
The University of North Texas has partnered with Campus Outreach Online to address critical life skills...
By: SARC (Substance Abuse Resource Center)


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