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The Student Money Management Center helps student learn how to manage the financial realities they will face as students and graduates. The center offers countless educational opportunties every semester for all students - on-campus and on-line.  The center provides personal financial coaching sessions  in which students lead the discussion on personal financial topics and concerns relating to their lives. The center also offers several emergency loan programs to help eligible students address unanticipated or emergency expenses threatening their enrollment. All of our outreach and coaching services are offered to UNT Denton-campus students at no cost.

The SMMC team helps students start, stay, and finish money strong!

10 Ways We Can Help You 

  1. Personal and individual coaching sessions.
  2. Presentations for student orgs and residence halls.
  3. Guest speaker to enhance curriculum or class discussion.
  4. College financial survival plan.
  5. Tuition and housing payments planning.
  6. Job offers and benefit packages analysis.
  7. Credit reports and scores education.
  8. Online curriculum modules and materials.
  9. Graduation transition financial planning.
  10. Emergency loan programs.

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Programs & Services
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The SMMC TD Ameritrade Intern Program has developed FREE financial materials and resources.
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Financial Intelligence Training (FIT) provides a basic overview of the knowledge and skills students need to...
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Loan programs for UNT Denton campus students.
By: Student Money Management Center

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