Student Organization Leader Development (SOLD) Workshops


What is SOLD?

Looking for an opportunity to take your Student Organization to the next level? Attend Student Organization Leader Development (SOLD) Workshops and learn what it takes to make your org the best it can be! While these workshops target student organization officers, students looking to become officers in the future can benefit as well. As an additional bonus, if your student organization officer attends our series of workshops this semester, it will be entered to win a $200 co-sponsorship.

Spring 2017 Workshops

February 1st, 4pm in BLB 050: "Money Matters: Treasurer's Training"

Handling money is always tricky business, especially when that money is not yours. That is why Student Activities is partnering with Student Money Management for Treasurer’s training! Learn responsible money management strategies and how to handle your organization’s funds safely!

February 9th, 12:30pm in MATT 108: "Fundraising 101"

Looking to hold an event or program on campus but do not have the funds to rent the space or cater food? Join Student Activities and Student Money Management to hear fundraising ideas that are easy and manageable while still following all university policies and local, state and federal laws. 

February 21st, 12:30pm in MATT 108: "Event Safety 101"

Planning a fundraiser? Banquet? Softball tournament? Unsure as to why Event Safety was added to your event? Let Event Safety share tips and tricks with you regarding event planning and risk management to ensure that your organization’s events are safe and run smoothly!

March 7th, 3:30pm in MATT 108: "Passing the Torch: Officer Transition"

The transition of leadership is one of the most important events for a student organization each year. An effective transition will allow your incoming officers to learn from the experiences of previous officers and will provide your student organization with continuity. Attend this workshop to learn strategies to implement a smooth officer transition! 

March 27th, 3pm in MATT 108: “Highlighting your Involvement: Transferable Skills Workshop"

You’ve done a lot as a student leader at UNT; all of your involvement would look great on a resume. Not sure how to translate that involvement? Have an upcoming job opportunity? Don’t let all of your involvement go to waste. Student Activities, in conjunction with the Career Center, is here to help you translate your vast student organization experience into marketable skills for the job search.

April 12th, 12pm in MATT 108: "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work"

Join us for an interactive workshop where we will show you how to facilitate team builders and icebreakers. Use these during meetings and retreats to get to know members in your student organization and build relationships among officers.

April 25th, 5pm in BLB 050: "Become an OrgSync Expert"

OrgSync is more than just a place for your student organization to register. Student Activities can help you bring your student organization to the next level by showing you the many tools OrgSync provides. This workshop will increase your OrgSync knowledge as you begin to prepare for the upcoming semester. Bring other officers and your advisor along too!