North Texas in D.C. (NTDC)

Background Information

The North Texas in DC Internship Program was established in 2003 by the Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Elizabeth With, in order to give UNT students the opportunity to intern at our nation's capitol. Since then, over 180 students have traveled to DC to intern for various government entities. Some students have used their experience to launch a career of their own in DC while others have benefited from the internship by applying their experience to law school, graduate school, or other careers. 

The Internship

The NTDC internship program provides University of North Texas students the opportunity to participate first-hand in the American political process. Students learn how various Washington DC entities formulate public policy and how other governmental agencies interact with that process. Internships are available to students every fall and spring semester, as well as six weeks in the summer in conjunction with the university’s summer I schedule. Interns work full-time and are unpaid for the duration of the semester for which they are chosen. 

The program’s objective is to provide students with insights into public life and the policy-making process by working in governmental, nonprofit and private sector internship placements in our nation’s capital. Furthermore, the internship offers students real world work experiences that applies to classroom learning.

Scholarship and Housing 

Each intern receives a stipend in the form of a scholarship from the University of North Texas that contributes towards living expenses. It may also be used towards travel expenses or to explore the Washington DC metro area. The NTDC scholarship is available to all interns that are accepted into the program. 

In addition to the stipend, all housing costs are paid for by the NTDC program at a housing site that is chosen by the program administrators. NTDC generally uses WISH (Washington Intern Student Housing) to accommodate the interns.