Discovery Park and Services at Other Offices

Discovery Park, Counseling Office, C102C

  • Therapy with Dr. LaSandra Ward– Wednesdays all day, hours TBD
    Therapy appointments will be available at this location.  Please contact CTS to schedule the appointments.

Career Center, Chestnut Hall 103

  • Livin’ the Dream Workshop with Laura Nutt, M. ED.  – Tuesdays from 3-4:30, Chestnut Hall 295
    It feels overwhelming when you are expected to have everything figured out, and everybody else seems to have it together. Learn what the “dream” is and what it means to “live the dream” in your life, education, and career.

Greek Life Center, 621 S. Welch St.

  • Consultation Hours with Dr. Steffanie Grossman and Dr. Jay Darr – TBD throughout semester
  • Outreach programming (e.g., body image, communication, etc.) upon request for Chapters.  Please contact Dr. Steffanie or Dr. Jay Darr to schedule a program.

International Center, Marquis Hall 110

  • International Student Workshops with Dr. Bethany Evans – Date, Time, & Room TBD
    These workshops will provide an opportunity for international students to meet each other, share their experiences, and engage in thoughtful discussions. Please contact Dr. Bethany Evans at CTS for information regarding time/date/location.  

Learning Center, Sage Hall 315

  • Stress Survival Workshop with Laura Nutt, M. ED. – Thursdays from 3:30-4:30
    Are you thriving or surviving? Come learn how to “survive” your stress and move toward success in school and life.

Multicultural Center, Union 335

  • Walk-In Hours with Dr. Enedelia Sauceda – Thursdays from 11-1

Sage Hall 235C

  • Walk-In Hours with Dr. Enedelia Sauceda – Tuesdays from 1-5

Vet Services, Sage Hall 123

  • Walk-In Hours with Dr. Shelley Long – Wednesdays from 2-3
  • Vets Connect Workshop with Dr. Shelley Long – Wednesdays from 3-4:30
    The transition from the demands of military life to university life is sometimes confusing and can create a significant amount of stress.  This group offers Veterans a safe space to genuinely connect with and support one another.