Eagle Transcript

Eagle Transcript is a co-curricular transcript program that keeps track of students’ involvement & activities while at UNT.

An Eagle Transcript lists your on- and off-campus involvement at UNT, acting as an official verified report from the University of your extracurricular activities. This report compliments your resume and academic transcript to improve your marketability to prospective employers and graduate schools.

How do I request transcripts?

You request a transcript by submitting an electronic request through OrgSync. Within 3-5 business days, you should receive an approval or denial from the Center of Leadership and Service with further instructions.

A meeting with a LEAD Ambassador can be arranged to assist in creation of a transcript if the initial request was denied.

Approved transcripts can be picked up in person at the Center for Leadership and Service in Stovall 160. Transcripts can be requested at anytime throughout your college career.

How do I register?

  1. Login to OrgSync
  2. Click "Involvement" under "My Tools"
  3. Add organizations that you are or have been involved with.
  4. Click on "Request Official Transcript"

Then just wait for approval to get your free Eagle Transcript!

Who can validate my entries?

For all involvement entries, students must provide a reference who verified entries and is associated with that activity in a direct way. Membership in student organizations is processed through OrgSync. Entries will not be considered valid unless there is a reference or proof of participation.

What type of activities should be submitted?

You can include any type of leadership activities, organization memberships, campus activities, honors, awards, recognition, volunteer experience, professional or educational development (workshops, seminars, etc.) The Eagle Transcript should highlight your activities outside of work and the classroom.