Graduate Students

The UNT Career Center employs a full-time graduate school specialist dedicated to assist students in determining career paths and opportunities.  Whether interested in pursuing a career in academia or exploring the broad range of options within various industries and occupations, we strive to offer the best resources available, including:

  • Resume/CV and Cover Letter writing
  • Mock Interviews
  • Career Planning Strategies
  • Academic or Corporate Job Search
  • Finding Success with Networking and Informational Interviews
  • Navigating Eagle Careers and other online job postings
  • Making the most of Career Fairs

Professional development should be a daily and vital component of a graduate education. Finding a position in which you will be successful and satisfied takes time, preparation, and effort.  Be sure to take advantage of the events and workshops offered by the Career Center each semester to aid in your success.

Graduate Student Seminars and Workshops

The UNT Career Center encourages graduate students of all degree programs to attend the following specialized seminars and workshops, which have been developed with the master’s and PhD populations in mind:

Winning Resumes, CVs, and Cover Letters, Eagle Careers ID: 3063

Wednesday, 1/25, Chestnut Hall Room 160- 3pm-5pm-- In the competitive job market, you have to present your professional experience, accomplishments, expertise, and qualities in the most persuasive manner so that your CV or résumé stands out from the sea of applicants. This workshop is designed to help you to develop a CV, résumé, or cover letter that gets noticed and opens the door for a job interview. You will receive important insights about what a search committee looks for and how to write your way into an interview. Participants should bring a copy of their curriculum vitae.

Acing the Interview, Eagle Careers ID: 3064

Wednesday, 2/1, Chestnut Hall Room 120- 3pm-5pm--Congrats! Your resume and job application was recognized as a success. However, in order to land that job, you must embark on the interview process. It’s time to calm your nerves and focus on how to make a great impression. Learn how to properly present yourself, recognize and answer difficult and common questions, and what to wear. The interview is your time to shine and make things happen!

Career Fair Preparation, Eagle Careers ID: 3065

Thursday, 2/9, Chestnut Hall Room 160-3pm-5pm--Learn about how to maximize your time at a career fair. With several upcoming employment fairs on the horizon here at UNT, now is the perfect opportunity to gain insight into how to present yourself, how to engage employers, and how to leave a positive impression.

Keys to a Healthy Work/Life Balance, Eagle Careers ID: 3066

Wednesday, 2/22, Chestnut Hall Room 160- 3pm-5pm--Maintaining a proper and healthy state of mind is vital for graduate school success. With an array of due dates, group projects, class meetings, and personal lives to balance, there tends to be precious little time for unwinding or disengaging. This workshop seeks to encourage participants to carve out space in their busy lives for relaxation and mental focus. Whether it’s casual or competitive exercise, a quick trip to the playground with your child, or a night off for a ballgame or movie night, it’s critical to make time for the outside world. Sometimes, all it takes is your favorite song blasting through your earbuds to regain your focus. Learn about finding that harmony and then gain tips for making it part of your everyday routine.

Career Fair Preparation, Eagle Careers ID: 3067

Wednesday, 2/28, Chestnut Hall Room 160-11am-1pm--Learn about how to maximize your time at a career fair. With several upcoming employment fairs on the horizon here at UNT, now is the perfect opportunity to gain insight into how to present yourself, how to engage employers, and how to leave a positive impression.

Networking and Social Media for the Job Search, Eagle Careers ID: 3068

Wednesday, 3/8, Chestnut Hall Room 160- 11am-1pm--With an endless array of websites, apps, and technology available, it’s becoming increasingly confusing to keep things straight. However, falling behind in connectivity could cause you to miss out on wonderful opportunities. Learn how to effectively market yourself and how to best utilize social media as a job searching tool.

Let’s Get Social. Are You LinkedIn? Eagle Careers ID: 3069

Wednesday, 4/19, Chestnut Hall Room 160- 5:30-7:30pm--Amongst social media, LinkedIn sits at the top of the job search pinnacle. Many students and alumni have a LinkedIn page, but are they using the site’s various nuances and features to gain full potential? This seminar will serve as a guide through the myriad functions available on the site. From basic profile set-up to alumni connections and network visibility, there is much to gain and utilize.

Securing an Academic Position, Eagle Careers ID:

April 2017, Date TBA, Chestnut Hall Room 160--Are you doggedly pursuing a position in academia? Are you just kicking the tires on a career as a professor or researcher? Regardless of your level of interest, come out for a panel discussion moderated by the Career Center and featuring the insights of several UNT staff and faculty members. Hear about life on the inside and the steps you can take to get there. Come equipped with all of the questions you’ve been wanting to ask.

Salary Negotiation Dos and Don’ts, Eagle Careers ID:

April 2017, Date TBA, Chestnut Hall Room 160--Learn about common negotiating tactics that can help you be in control of your proper worth. Discuss and explore web and print resources that maintain accurate descriptions of company pay and benefits. Avoid selling yourself short and learn to negotiate a fair and balanced salary and benefits package.

Additional seminars, panel discussions, and class presentations are announced throughout the academic year. Stay tuned for announcements and please log in to Eagle Careers to view and RSVP for these events.

Graduate Career Advising Appointments

If you would like to meet for an individual career advising appointment at the UNT Career Center, please call (940) 565-2105 or email the Center at

Additionally, advisor walk-in hours are held Wednesdays 12:00-1:00pm in the Graduate Student Council Lounge (348) at the University Union. Bring your lunch or a snack and any questions you may have.

Meet Your Advisor

Jeff Strowe is the Career Center’s Graduate Student Advisor. Jeff has a Master of Education in Counseling from North Carolina State University and is a National Certified Counselor. He has extensive professional experience, including roles as: Assistant Director/Career Coach with New York University’s Wasserman Center for Career Development, Guidance Counselor at Lee Early College in Sanford, NC and as a Career Services Intern at North Carolina State University.  Jeff also has seven years of high school teaching experience.