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Numerous jobs and internships can be found on Eagle Careers and through the various other web resources provided on this page. We encourage you to take some time to explore the listings, paying close attention to the skills and qualifications required of each position. Make time each day to browse these opportunities and actively assess your candidacy to ensure that you are the best applicant you can possibly be. Remember, the job/internship search takes patience, persistence, and dedication. Landing the perfect job doesn’t just happen overnight, so plan accordingly and use us here at the Career Center for guidance and enhancement. The more you do, the better off you will be! 

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Building your network can be done by connecting with professors, other campus offices/departments, attending conferences, organization meetings, and job fairs, collaborating on a project, and much more!  Collect business cards from everyone you meet and take a few notes so that you will always remember where/when/how you met that person.

When speaking of networking, it is also imperative that LinkedIn is mentioned.  LinkedIn is a great website where you can keep a public profile or resume of each job you’ve held, detailed descriptions about your experience and skills, and it is also the best and most professional place to connect with your network.  Send a quick, personalized, invitation on LinkedIn to those you meet as you build your network.

Twitter, so long as it is strictly a professional account, can also be a great place to connect with professionals, stay up to date on current trends in your field, and also search for jobs.

Remember to continue to always build and grow your network as often times, these people will be the key to helping you in your job search.

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