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Hourly Student Employment Policy Statement
May 3, 2016
UNT Career Center

As you have heard, there has been a change to the UNT Policy 05.025 – Hourly Student Employment that may affect some student employees.  Recently the federal government enacted the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law, which mandates that all employers, larger than 50 employees, provide employees that work 30 or more hours per week with health insurance coverage.  Due to that mandate, many campuses nationwide, including UNT, had to look at their policies and procedures for student employment.

Keeping this in mind, a committee of professionals from the Career Center, Human Resources, Academic Affairs, and Student Affairs were brought together to review the policy and procedures for student employment as it relates to the ACA.  For nearly a year, the committee reviewed payroll and other records to determine the number of students that would be affected by ACA, and by this change in maximum hours.  The committee also did some calculations on hour limits to determine what the maximum number of hours were to stay within the ACA guidelines.  After those reviews and calculations, it was determined that the 25-hour per week limit would be necessary to impact the fewest number of students, while at the same time still allow the many students that work during the winter break and summer months, the opportunity to work up to 40 hours, which is also in the policy.

With nearly 5,000 students who work on campus, the role of the student employee is paramount in the success of UNT. And, while we understand that this will affect many students, the committee determined that this was the best solution for the campus as a whole. This campus-wide decision was not intended to punish students or put them out, but rather look out for their best interest while we align with the requirements of Federal Laws. We desire to keep our student employment program going, growing, and strong! UNT is committed to student success and we believe this policy and its requirements accomplish that while at the same time keeps UNT more costly measures that would impact the entire university.

In order to provide more clarification, we have developed a list of FAQs we have received since the policy has been adopted by UNT. Click here for FAQs. If you have further questions, please address them to our Student Employment Office at 940-565-2105.

Student Employment Policy

Student Employment College Work-Study (05.201)(Federal, State, & Institutional/Emerald Eagle) Policy

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